Grappa Hat Aosta 4,5,6 March 2016

We want to thank all the attendees of Grappa Hat, a security conference in Aosta that took place over the past week-end. The mood was relaxing and informal, the city is surrounded by mountains and beauty and we had a chance to meet long-time friends and to make new ones too!

Personally I presented the speech I’m going to bring to the International Journalism Festival ( on 8 April in Perugia, an happening I warmly recommend to anybody interested in Digital Rights, Privacy and, obviously, Journalism ^_^

The talk is titled The lost war on Information Security and it highlights some regressions from the security standpoint that the Cloud paradigm is going to cause:

The lost war on Information Security

It happened, software ate the world, we lost control on our information and security is not better than before.

How to stem organized crime, corporations and governments appetite on data bubbles generated by Cloud computing? What people could realistically do?

We will explore the major indicators of the current state of software security, its evolution over time and how the adoption trend of Cloud solutions affects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of people’s and companies’s information.

Again thanks everybody, me and Andrea enjoined the time spent together! If you need a copy of the slides and you attended Grappa Hat ping me and I’ll happily send you the PDF :)

Need a pointer? 0x414141, LinkedIn or by Tweet

–Francesco Ongaro